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Tripod PA Speaker Stand & Lighting Truss Spares Spare Part Superior Wedge Design


Tripod PA Speaker Stand & Lighting Truss Spares Spare Part Superior Wedge Design


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Tripod Speaker Stand & Lighting Truss Spares Part Superior Anti-Split  Wedge Design

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Tripod PA Speaker Stand & Lighting Truss Spares Spare Part Superior Wedge Design (#261234097730)


This hub incorporates a superior “Wedge” design that prevents common splitting and fractures in the hub as found in the traditional “Clasp” Designs.  

Traditional speaker stand Hubs and lighting Truss stands use a “Clasp” design where a plastic cuff wraps around the central post, the post is held at the desired  position by reducing the diameter of the cuff, this is achieved by tightening the lock, causing the projected ends of the  cuff  to be pulled together. 
There are 2 main faults in this “Cuff” design that result in the common fractures / splits in the Hub or failure of the lock mechanism. 
1- The projected ends of the cuff, like the cuff are, made of plastic and are at a right angle to the cuff, pulling them together to hold the post simply splits them at the right angle as the load is not evenly distributed around the cuff. 
2- The locking mechanism is basically a threaded shaft that passes through a nut lodged in a matching socket shape in one end of the cuff projection, the socket holds the nut whilst the lock is tightened, eventually the nut eats into the plastic socket and starts spinning, resulting in failure of the locking mechanism 
The “Wedge” Design in our hub eliminates these design faults, tightening the lock simply increases the angle of the flap in the inner core  by just a few millimetres thus creating a  wedge, this wedge locks the central load bearing post at the desired position. In the “Wedge” design the lock does not bear the load as the wedge rests on the fully enclosed inner core and is distributed evenly around the entire core of the hub, the core is again further reinforced by the entire outer casing to which the load is transferred by 3 double support webs.  
  • Stronger Anti-split wedge design 
  • Threaded Metal Cuff inside central Core
  • Tough Plastic Quality Construction and Mould
  • Even distribution of load around central Core
  • Replaces most 35mm post Tripod Speaker Stand & Lighting Truss hubs
  • Listing is for one Hub
  • More Pro Audio Spares in Store see other listing
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